The Megabass Vibration-X Smatra (Rattle In) is a compact profiled, 64.5cm, 14.1grams (1/2oz), sinking, vibration, lipless crankbait, fishing lure that is designed for midwater search bait action.

The lure is designed with a wide forehead and a lug point positioned at the highest point on its dorsal section that ensures that the Vibration-X Smatra will catch water and produce intense vibration as it is being retrieved.

To enhance its appeal, the Vibration-X Smatra (Rattle In), comes equipped with internal rattlers that emit a high pitch rattle that is guaranteed to attract the attention and induce a reaction strike from its intended target.

Dorsal and pectoral chine edges have been slight rounded, which ensures that the lure will produce a longer roll to expose more of its flanks to reflect light.

To counter this accentuated rolling action, Megabass have incorporated a crescent-shaped tungsten balancer at its lowest point in its belly to ensure stability and to keep the lure on an even keel.

The Vibration-X Smatra is best worked on a fast retrieve to produce intense rattle and vibration, which makes its an ideal lure to be used as a search bait to comb wide sections of water.

The recommended line rating for this lure is 8-16lbs (for fluorocarbon line) on a fast actioned rod rated at 10-20lbs.


Vibration Lipless Crankbait


Freshwater / Saltwater



Dive Depth:





14.1grams (1/2oz)


Intense vibration, accentuated rolling action, hi-pitch rattling commotion


2 x #6 belly treble hook

Country of Manufacture: