Choosing the right set of guides and tip top to match your CTS Blank is crucial to ensuring that you get the best out of your Custom Rod build. Failure to do so could quite easily make the difference between a positive, happy user experience or a rather negative one.

In this respect, Fuji have gone into quite explicit detail in their Japanese domestic market catalogue, recommending different guide set combinations for various standard lengths of rods, including, what we suspect, going out on a limb (bearing in mind that every blank has it own unique length, action and power to suit its specific design application) to suggest guide spacing and the number of guides for the rod builder's consderation.

In this catalogue, Fuji suggest that the ideal guide spacing and quantity should be manually determined (as would be carried out by the experienced custom rod builder) by taping on and loading the blank with a threaded line to ensure that there are no flat spots (for bait casting set ups) or acute bowing (for spinning set ups) between guides. Should either be detected, rectification can only be achieved by re-positioning and/or adding more guides to the correct location along the blank as deemed necessary.

Given the value of these recommendations, we have reproduced a substantial portion of the guide spacing diagrams from Fuji's Japanese domestic market catalogue (complemented with our own guide/tip supplementations that we feel will best fit our CTS Blanks), which is intended for your review and analysis against each recommended guide set that you contemplate for your Custom Rod build