The 2016 BG series of spinning reels that start from size 1500 to 8000, is designed with the objective of being a boat game, saltwater ready, value for money, all-rounder, incorporating all of Daiwa’s essential technology in ensuring smoothness and durability.

The BG comes packed with Daiwa’s latest technological advancements and features that translates into a fishing reel that surpasses it design objectives whilst exuding a quality only achievable from precision engineering.

Incorporating Daiwa’s state-of-the-art reel technology, each 2016 BG reel comprises the following features:

Super Metal Body - A special aluminium material of high rigidity that ensures that the reel can withstand high torque without body distortion.

Digi Gear - A digitally milled gear system for smooth and reliable transfer of cranking power into spool rotation.

Air Rotor - A redesigned rotor than has a lowered centre of gravity and 15% lighter than similar sized conventional rotors.

ABS II - An anti-backlash system that comprises a re-designed feature of the spool that allows line to peel away in larger loops when casting to prevent backlash, which translates to improved casting distance.

Twist Buster II - A redesigned line roller that reduces line twist and friction.

ATD (Automatic Tournament Drag) - A redesigned spool support that increases the support of the spool across the entire length of the main shaft that helps to dissipate drag washer pressure more efficiently to reduce pulsing of the drag when fighting fish.