The guide type and spacing as suggested by Fuji for the various rod configurations as set out in the Fuji diagrams below are probably best suited for open water / off shore boat plugging with surface and sinking lures (up to 60grams).

In the tropics, these type of rods are envisaged to be mostly used in the vicinity of fish aggregator devices (FAD) targeting pelagic species, such as Dolphin (Mahi Mahi / Dorado), Spanish Mackerel, Yellow Tail and even Sail Fish, which are drawn specifically to bait fish that school around FAD. 

Typical rod blanks used for this purpose (usually butt joint) are usually moderate in action to achieve good casting action and to absorb the leaps and/or runs that these species of fish exhibit once hooked. These blanks would have a solid lock up point built into the design of the blank slightly below the location of the stripper guide to provide these blanks with excellent fish fighting ability. 

For practicality purposes, these open water off shore blanks are kept below 7’6” to take into consideration the challenges of impeded casting around fixed superstructures such as awning covers that are found on almost all charter boats operated in the tropics. 

Line class ratings would vary from between PE2 to PE5. 

Fuji offers a choice between their tried and tested double footed (a) MN and LN Series Guides and their latest (b) tangle free KW Series guides paired with an MN Series tip. 

The standard spinning reel seat used for these type of set ups would include Fuji's DPS series of reel seats in size 18 and 20 to accommodate mid sizes 4000-5000 series spinning reels. Butt caps used would typically be Fuji's BRC and their latest GRC Butt Cap Gimbal hybrid Series.

It should be noted that with the latest design trends for these type of rod applications, handle sections of these butt joint blanks are getting shorter (and consequently the position of the reel seat is being pushed further back towards the butt) whilst the length of the tip section are getting longer to maximize the performance of the casting action of the blank.