The Rapala Shadow Rap SDR07 is a sleek thin profiled 7cm, 5gram, slow sinking jerk bait minnow fishing lure that is designed for sub-surface action.

The lure is constructed with a short, upturned lip angled approximately 45 degrees downwards, that will make the Shadow Rap dive to no more than 0.7m on a steady retrieve.

Perfect poise and balance is achieved with a fixed weight located immediately above its belly lug.

Designed with the concept to mimic the action of a dying minnow in its death throes, the Shadow Rap is capable of reproducing this action, by making tight turns when twitched before settling head down on a pause to begin its slow fade away dive.

Each turn exposes it flanks to light to fall off and cause shimmer to attract the attention of its intended prey.

To further enhance the appeal of the Shadow Rap SDR07, Rapala have constructed the lure with internal metallic plating and natural scale patterns and translucent sides with holographic inserts to fool unsuspecting predators into thinking that this “dying bait” makes for an easy meal.

Solid hook ups are achieved with VMC Black Nickel treble hooks that come standard with this jerk bait.


Sub-Surface Diving Jerkbait Minnow Fishing Lure


Freshwater / Saltwater


Slow Sinking

Dive Depth:



Twitch and turn action


7cm (2.3/4”)


5grams (7/16oz)


2 x #8 double hook

Country of Manufacture: