The Megabass Destroyer X7 Extreme Spin Shaft series is a fast action, slim profiled, 1 piece semi-finesse range of bass spinning rods in the 3 - 8lbs line class.

Build on Megabass’ Core Implex X7 Graphite blanks consisting of 3 layers of multi-direction carbon weaves, these spinning rods are light-tipped, incredibly sensitive, and crisp to the feel. Blank sensitivity is enhanced with the use of Megabass’ Directability Reel Seat and fixed Claw Grasp Locking system. This allows for the rod to be grasped between the index finger and thumb, which acts as a pick up point for the slightest of vibrations that are transmitted through the rod tip.

To keep tip weight to a minimum, Megabass have opted for a single foot Fuji Titanium K-series micro guide system to eliminate the dampening of the blank sensitivity. Each split rod handle section of the Megabass Destroyer X7 Extreme Spin Shaft series is built with a mix of cork and burl cork for comfort and balanced to the point of giving the blank tip its lightness.

In combination, these factors deliver a sharp edgy feel to the Megabass Destroyer X7 Extreme Spin Shaft spinning series that would find delight in the hands of the angler.

Model Type Blank Sections Power Length Action Line Rating Lure Wt. Rod Wt. Tip Diameter Butt Diameter Handle Length*** Guides
Megabass - Destroyer X7 - F1.1/2-66X7S - Parry Arc
Spinning 1 F1.1/2 6'6" Medium Fast 3-8lbs 1/32-1/8oz 118g 1.7mm 10.3mm 28.5cm 7+1
Megabass - Destroyer X7 - F2.1/2-611X7S - Powerhouse Spinning 1 F2.1/2 6'11" Fast 3-8lbs 1/32-1/2oz 120g 1.6mm 10.6mm 28.5cm 8+1
Megabass - Destroyer X7 - F3.1/2-610X7S - Simoom Spnning 1 F3/1.2 6'10" Fast 3-8lbs 1/16-1/2oz 124g 1.8mm 10.4mm 28.5cm 8+1
***Handle Length - is measured from the rod butt to the top of the foregrip (or the head locking nut if the rod is designed without a foregrip).