The Megabass X-Plose Double Scratch is a narrow profiled, 103mm, 14grams (1/2oz), floating, prop bait fishing lure that is designed for topwater action.

The lure comes equipped with twin double blade propellers mounted front and rear, which counter-rotate, ensuring that the lure tracks straight when retrieved.

Each propeller is mounted on a shaft between two centring cones with a gap in between that allows for a certain amount of free play that has the effect of creating propeller wobble. In unison, the counter-rotating propellers give off a “double scratch” clicking sound, that is intended to draw attention from sub-surface prey.

The X-Plose Double Scratch’s hard chined flat belly, coupled with a front and rear fixed tungsten balancer, mounted at the base of the lure, ensures that that the lure’s body is kept on an even keel, whilst still being able to produce a sharp but short rolling action as it is being retrieved. This rolling action allows for shimmers of light to reflect off its flanks to add to the lure’s appeal.

This lure is best worked as a rip bait, on a jerk-pause-jerk pattern to produce short bursts of gurgling sound as the lure is worked through the water. Alternatively, the X-Plose Double Scratch can be dragged along with a wide sweeping action of the rod to produce a longer sound track, whilst at the same time, creating more surface commotion and bubble trail that is produced from the cavitations of the counter rotating propellers.

The Megabass X-Plose Double Scratch comes with a pair of long shank, size 6 treble hooks positioned dangerously on its under-belly that will more than likely ensure a solid hook up when struck by its intended prey.


Topwater Prop Bait / Switch Bait





Dive Depth:







Sharp rolling action, surface commotion


2 x #6 belly treble hook

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