The Decoy Single33 Casting Pike Single is an inline hook that takes its pedigree from Decoy’s AS-03 Pike jigging hook series, but modified for casting game purpose with a flattened polished shank to create flash and sparkle of a small fish.

The hook can be used not only as a plug for minnows and small diving pencils, but also as a tail hook for jig minnows and jigs, and can be used for a wide range of fish such as sea bass, Spanish mackerel, and small blue fish.

Key features of the Single33 include:

  • Flashing process with a wide body punching process to create a small fish-like sparkle.
  • Smart eye that makes it easy to pass split rings through, reducing concerns about strength when opening.
  • Vertical eye that allows split rings to be attached to any plug.
  • Uses highly corrosion-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment to prevent rust.

The Decoy Single33 Casting Pike Single comes in 5 sizes: #6, #4, #2, #1, #1/0. 


Inline Single Hooks


Replacement single hook

Hook size:

#6, #4, #2, #1, #1/0 

Hook Weight:

#6(0.2g), #4(0.3g), #2(0.4g), #1(0.5g), #1/0(0.6g)


#6(10), #4(10), #2(8), #1(8), #1/0(8)

Country of Manufacture: