About Keitech

    Keitech was established in 1996 by Keiichi Hayashi (one of Japan’s most successful tournament anglers) and is today a leading manufacturer of top quality soft plastic baits that have proven to be effective in both fresh and salt water.


    With the wealth of experience and knowledge behind them and the research and technology that they have invested in, Keitech is able to produce soft plastics baits that really work to catch you and your customers fish. 

    With their ability to infuse squid scent into the bodies of each soft plastic lure and their 2 tone colouring process to "match-the-hatch" of the local bait species in your area, fish just find Keitech soft plastic baits irresistable. 

    In addition, Keitech is able to vary the density and softness at different parts of each soft plastic lure that gives each Keitech model their own characteristic life-like swimming action. It is no coincidence that Keitech’s soft plastic baits have proven to be so effective that they have become the go-to lures of both the tournament and novice angler.

    Keitech Dealership

    Keitech is a company to watch for. 

    In the last 3 years, this brand has seen explosive growth in sales of their products in the US and Europe which corresponds with the intense growth in presence of product distribution on the internet. In their relentless pursuit to produce effective soft plastic baits that actually catch fish, this brand has great potential for long term growth in your markets. 

    Please Contact Us for dealer enquires in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.