The Little Jack Sayoris-Z is an ABS molded, through-wire, sinking, lipless minnow, pencil bait fishing lure that is designed to mimic the sayori halfbeak fish in not just form, size and weight but also in balance.

Ultra-life-like surface coatings and candy tones and pectoral fin stamps are applied on top of base foils, in addition to the inclusion of features such as a physical beak to give the lure its one-of-a-kind presence with its realistic form and flashing.

The Sayori-Z’s narrow profile with fixed weight balancers, not only gives the lure exceptional flight distance, but provides it with its natural rolling action on a steady retrieve and its horizontal fluttering action when retrieving is paused. 

The lure can also be made to dart and twitch just below the surface and periodically break the surface like a fleeing bait fish with the rod tip pointed up on a fast crank-pause-crank retrieve style.

The Sayoris-Z, comes in 2 sizes 99mm (13g) and 133mm (29g).


Lipless Minnow Pencil Bait






99mm and 133mm


99mm (13g) and 133mm (29g)