The Megabass Pop-X is a compact profile, rounded belly, 64mm, 7grams (1/4oz), floating popper fishing lure that is designed for topwater action.

What makes this lure stand out from other poppers is its ability to produce a rolling-dog-walk action (like a pencil bait) on a crank-pause-crank retrieve.

The Pop-X’s action is achieved by its rounded profile, and the incorporation of a lateral moving balancer system in it’s belly that accelerates the speed of each turn as the lure swims from left to right.

The moving balancer also produces a hi-pitch knocking sound that adds to its appeal as it is being retrieved.

In addition, unlike other poppers, the Pop-X does not have a typical deep-cupped mouth to push water, but a more subtle cup face that has been specially angled to spit water forward with each twitch of the rod.

However, what makes the Pop-X truly unique in its own right, is the incorporation of two water ducts that channel water through its cheeks and out of its gill plates to produce a bubble trail as a result of water fractionation. 

It is from the water being pushed through these channels and the hi-pitch knocking sound that the Pop-X gets its unique sound track, which makes its stand out from the usual popping sound of typical deep cupped faced poppers.

To enhance its fatal attraction, the Pop-X comes with a feathered tail treble that acts like a wagging teaser to entice its prey to take a strike at it.     

An ideal setup to be used with the Megabass Pop-X is an F0-F4 rated rod (i.e. 2-4lbs to 8-16lbs) paired with a PE1-2 line (or fluorocarbon 6-8lbs line).


Topwater Popper





Dive Depth:





7grams (1/4oz)


Walk-the-dog, rolling action


2 x #7 treble hooks

Country of Manufacture: