The Tatula 100 is an all rounded, 225gram, bait casting fishing reel with an ideal cranking power to speed ratio that is designed for the price sensitive angler looking to work a wide variety of lure types.

Offered in left and right hand configuration, the reel comes equipped with features that in combination works to reduce backlash and improve casting performance.

These features include, Daiwa’s T-Wing System (TWS) that improves line flow and Magforce Z braking system that utilizes centrifugal and electromagnetic forces that allows for excellent casting at slow spool start up speeds.

The reel has a spool capacity capable of holding up to 135m of 12lbs fluorocarbon main line, and with Daiwa’s Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) system, produces a max drag of 6kg that allows line to peel smoothly and steadily.

Tuned with a gear ratio of 6.3:1, the reel will achieve 67cm of line retrieve with every rotation of its 90mm machine cut handle arm.

Constructed from an all metal body and equipped with comfortable grooved knobs, the Tatula 100 bait casting reel is suitable even for saltwater application making it ideal for use in sea water impoundment ponds.