The Megabass Makinotane is a teardrop shaped metal jig that is paired with a silicone rubber tail, that is designed to target fish that prey on squid, octopus and ragworms.

To get the best results, the jig is worked across a patch of water in a series of “hops” by being cast out and allowed to sink to the sea bed to stir bottom silt, then lifted and dropped on a repeated retrieve pattern as it hops the sea bed to get the attention of its intended prey. The offset teardrop shape creates an irregular sink pattern to add to its allure.

What makes the Makinotane so effective is its ability to scout the full range of the target area while homing in on the ideal depth.

 If it’s mid-depth feeders that are being targeted, then retrieve more line to get the lure to the desired depth. If it is bottom feeders are the intended target, reel in a little less each time to keep Makinotane closer to the bottom with each rise. Either way, the repeated contact with the bottom captures the attention of any fish around. 

The simple cast-and-drop action of the Makinotane makes fishing for saltwater game second nature. 

Target Fish: Flounder, grouper, sea ruffe, amberjack (mid to large), Japanese Spanish mackerel, greater amberjack, red seabream, blackhead seabream, seabass, and more.


Metal skirted jig




20, 30 and 40grams




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