The Megabass Marine Gang 120S is a sleek profiled, roundish-bodied, 120mm, 22grams, sinking, minnow fishing lure that is designed for midwater diving action.

The lure comes equipped with a short, narrow 13mm bib, angled downwards at approximately 45 degrees from its horizontal position, which will make the lure dive to between 1 to 2 meters depending on the rate of recovery.

Coupled with the shape and profile of the lure, the Marine Gang will produce a tight head wobble and accentuated body roll, allowing for maximum light to reflect off its flanks as it is being retrieved.

What however makes this lure standout is its weight transfer system. Megabass have incorporated a linear bearing oscillating system (LBO), a first amongst all other manufacturers.

It comprises of a cylindrical tungsten weight transfer system mounted on a circular shaft that runs on a cushion of ball bearings that are housed within the weight transfer system, to produce zero resistance in the movement of the weight transfer system.

What this translates into is superior casting distance, as it allows for the most efficient transfer of weight from the mid-section of the lure to its rear with each cast.

In addition, because of the zero resistance of the LBO system, the Marine Gang will respond faster than any other lure with a conventional weight transfer system to go into a dive position once it hit the water.

The Megabass Marine Gang’s LBO system is indeed an improvement over the prior art, but more importantly, a must have for sea bass connoisseurs who require maximum casting distance to be able to get their lure into the strike zone.


Midwater Diving Minnow Fishing Lure





Dive Depth:







Tight wobbling and rolling action


2 x #4 treble hooks

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