The Megabass X-92 SW Edonis is a sleek profiled, 9.2cm, 10.36grams (3/8oz), floating, minnow, fishing lure that is designed for sub-surface action.

The lure is equipped with a narrow, rounded 16mm bib (length), angled at approximately 45 degrees downwards, that will make the lure dive to no more than 1m on a steady retrieve.

Megabass have opted to use a fixed shaft balancer and position it along the base of the lure, which acts as a pivot for the lure to roll from left to right along its longitudinal axis.

This feature, coupled with the lure’s bib, causes the Edonis to produce its rolling and wobbling action whilst being retrieved.

In addition, Megabass are of the view that a fixed shaft balancer reduces any unnatural noise (commonly caused by the use of internal rattlers in freshwater lures) that is known to have a detrimental effect in spooking saltwater fish.

The Edonis is designed with a water port constructed under its dorsal fin, which is able to fractionate saltwater to produce a bubble trail, as it is being jerked and ripped whilst being retrieved.

In culmination with its size and weight, these features makes the Megabass X-92 SW Edonis a superb shallow diving lure to be used for bay area fishing, beneath piers and over reefs in search of prey.


Sub-Surface Minnow Fishing Lure





Dive Depth:





10.36grams (3/8oz)


Rolling, wobble action


2 x #6 belly treble hook

Country of Manufacture: