The Storm Gomoku Koika is a broad profile, center balanced, asymmetrically designed, metal jig, fishing lure that is designed for slow pitch style jigging.

The broadness of the jig in relation to its length, allows the Gomoku Koika jig to flutter on a fall.

The asymmetric design ensures that the jig will glide and dart erratically with each lift of the rod. One side is rounded whilst the other side has a central angulated ridge running along its entire length.

Despite its broad profile, dive speed is not compromised. The denseness of the Koika jig will send the jig down quickly into depths where target fish are camping out.

The Gomoku Koika jig is decorated with different foil and paint patterns on each side of the lure to make this slow pitch jig alluring for different water colorations and conditions.


Slow Pitch Style Jigging





Dive Depth:

0m > ∞


Koika15 - 5.5cm

Koika20 - 6cm

Koika30 - 6.8cm

Koika40 - 7.5cm

Koika60 - 8.5cm


Koika15 - 15grams

Koika20 - 20grams

Koika30 - 30grams

Koika40 - 40grams

Koika60 - 60grams


Flutter on fall, glide and dart on lift

Country of Manufacture: