The Decoy - L-1 Texas Lock is a conically shaped rubber stopper that is used in and integral with Texas rigs to control the movement of the bullet sinker to improve snag-free performance by preventing it from running freely up the leader line.

The L-1, uses stainless steel wire for the pull-out line, so the Texas Lock can be threaded onto the leader smoothly without breaking even when setting onto thick lines.

The base of the Texas Lock is kept small to allow it to recess slightly into the top of the bullet sinker to makes it difficult for small weeds, dirt, etc. to get caught, whilst also giving the rig an overall sense of unity with the sinker. 

By adjusted the Texas Lock to the correct position, the sinker is difficult to dislodge even when the fish tries to throw the hook. Any concerns of this occurring can be mitigated by adding a second Texas Lock in sequence to create even more stopping power.


Conical shaped rubber stopper


Texas Rig.


#M and #L

Leader Size Compatibility:

#M (8-12lbs), #L (12-25bs)