The Berkley Powerbait Kicker Frog, is a life-like, 10cm, 12.8gram (unrigged), soft plastic frog bait that delivers a highly naturalized, subsurface frog presentation that bass are sure to inhale.

This lure is best rigged with an off set worm hooks for a weedless presentation, which can be combined with a bullet weight for rapid descent or fished weightless for a slow-sinking presentation.

Regardless of how the Powerbait Kicker Frog is fished, the uniquely designed legs will generate a prominent “kicking motion” with each twitch of the rod tip.

To add to its attraction, Berkley have infused the soft plastic material with a heavy dose of Berkley’s Powerbait scent-and-flavor formula.

Each packet comes with one pre-rigged frog rigged with a #4/0 offset set worm hook and two spare bodies.


Sub-Surface Soft Plastic Frog Bait


4” (10cm)



Hook Recommendation:

#4/0 offset worm hook