The Storm Arashi Silent Square ASQS03 is a compact profiled, tear drop shaped, shallow diving 5.5cm, 14grams, floating crankbait, fishing lure, that is designed for sub-surface action.

The lure comes equipped with a short bib supported with a fixed metal hinge that not only gives the bib its supportive strength,but acts as the main tow lug for the lure. 

The bib is made of glass reinforced fibre that is not only strong but sensitive,  but will send the lure down quickly to a depth of no more than 1m.

The square design of the bib acts as an effective deflector to prevent snagging as it bumps against and works itself around obstacles that it comes into contact with as it is being retrieved. 

Coupled with it profile and shape, the Arashi Silent Square, will produce a lively rolling and wobbling action on a steady retrieve.

The lure is highly buoyant and will float up fast to the surface the minute cranking is paused, giving the Arashi Silent Square and effective escape mode should it come into contact with snags.

Unlike most crank baits, the Arashi Silent Square does not come with internal rattlers, making it excellent for saltwater use, since such artificially created commotion is known to spook saltwater fish.

Premium grade VMC black nickel hooks come standard with the lure to ensure solid hook ups and improved hook-up rate.


Sub-Surface Crankbait Fishing Lure


Freshwater / Saltwater



Dive Depth:







Stable rolling, wobbling action


2 x #6 treble hooks

Country of Manufacture: