The 2017 Tatula SV TW is a versatile, saltwater ready, 200grams series of bait casting fishing reels, that is designed for the top water angler looking to skip lures under piers and tree overhangs. Each reel in the series comes with a line capacity of 90m of 14lbs fluorocarbon main line and is capable of producing 5kg of drag.

Offered in two gear speed ratios of 6.3:1 and 7.3:1 options in left and right hand configurations, the reel comes equipped with a T-Wing System (TWS) and SV spool, that each play a direct part in making lure skipping achievable, by simply improving line flow and reducing backlash with each cast.

The TWS allows line to spool out freely through the wide top section of the line guide, reducing friction that slows line flowing through a narrow aperture of a typical bait caster line guide when exiting the reel. Whereas, the SV spool, with its specially designed induction rotor greatly improves spool rotation at all speeds, eliminating the causes of backlash as rotation slows.    

Paired with an 80mm machine cut handle, the 6.3:1 gear ratio reel will retrieve 65cm of line, whilst the 7.3:1 reel will achieve 74cm of line retrieve with every rotation of its handle arm.

Constructed from an all metal body and equipped with comfortable thin I shaped knobs, the 2017 Tatula SV TW is also suitable for saltwater applications, making it ideal for use in sea water impoundment ponds and in brackish water estuaries.