The Megbass Ito Shiner is a tall bodied, narrow profiled, 115mm, 14.2grams (1/2oz), suspending, jerk bait fishing lure that is designed for sub-surface action.

The lure, with its 17mm indented bib, will dive to a depth of no more than 1 meter on a steady retrieve, placing the Ito Shiner in the strike zone when fished in such locations.

The tall profile of the Ito Shiner, gives the lure its characteristic rolling action, which allows for the maximum amount of light to be reflected off its flanks as its rolls from left to right on a slow retrieve.

In addition, Megabass have incorporated a triple tungsten weight transfer system that ensures that the lure, with its aerodynamic tapered rear section, can cast with excellent distances without tumble, even in cross winds.

A single internal rattler is housed in a belly chamber to add to the lure’s sound track as it knocks against the walls of the lure as it is being retrieved.

The Megabass Ito Shiner will produce its best results on a jerk-pause-jerk retrieve action, which causes the lure to dart wide and erratically, only to come to a stand still in animated suspension as its presents itself to its mesmerized prey to take a peck at it.


Sub-Surface Minnow





Dive Depth:



Hi-pitch, darting, rolling action




14.2grams (1/2 oz)


3 x #4 Treble Hooks

Country of Manufacture: