The Megabass Hazedong is a worm-like soft plastic jerk bait with a tapered tail that can be rigged in multiple ways to produce different actions to trigger a reaction bite.

The lure can be rigged with an exposed jighead or weightless as a no-sinker rig, and then be made to dart erratically with rapid twitches with the rod tip, causing the lure to explode into a mesmerizing display of action at the end of your line.

Alternatively, it can be rigged Carolina style, or as a nico rig or with a down shot, and worked delicately to finesse the most subtle of actions as it is dragged along the bottom, where every little bump sends tremors down the length of the tail.

The Hazedong comes in 3”,4” and 5” variations.


Soft Plastic Jerk Bait




3” (~7.6cm), 4” (~10.2cm)  and 5” (~12.7cm)


3” (10 pieces), 4” (7 pieces)  and 5” (7 pieces)