Dear Customer,

1. The importance of your privacy to us

Thank you for choosing to visit our Website.

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us and it is our policy to ensure that the Information that you provide to us ("Information") is given in confidence and that you trust us with it.

2. Information that we may request

To enable us to provide you with our various products and/or services, we will need to ask you to provide us with Information such as your name,address, telephone number, facsimile number, e-mail address, credit card details (and any other documentation or Information that may be relevant to substantiate your transaction).

3. Your say on privacy

If you would like to inspect, correct, update or delete the Information you have submitted to us, or if you would like to stop receiving further marketing materials from us, or if you have any questions or comments about our privacy policies, please contact us by sending an e-mail to

4. What we may do with the Information that you provide to us

Eastackle may also keep records relating to your access to our web server. For that purpose, cookies may be sent by Eastackle’s server to your system and may be collected by Eastackle due to your access to it’s server by using your system.

Your Information will be stored and maintained in Eastackle’s database only for a necessary or appropriate period of time and will be kept in confidence by Eastackle.

Eastackle intends to use the Information only for the purpose of:

   1. fulfilling its obligations under any sale and purchase contract and/or any other contract between you and our company,
   2. verifying whether your credit card is being used without your approval or for fraudulent purposes without your knowledge,
   3. rendering services related to Eastackle’s business such as warranty or after sales services,
   4. providing you with our latest product Information, articles and other related Information from time to time,
   5. asking your opinions regarding our products and/or services, and/or
   6. conducting statistical analysis.

5. Sharing of your Information with 3rd parties

For the purposes described above, the Information may be shared with third parties, such as with our couriers, for the purpose of performing our obligations under a sale and purchase contract and/or any other contract between you and our company. In such case, our company will endeavour to ensure that the recipients do not use the Information other than for the limited purpose determined by our company within the scope of your consent, and will endeavour to ensure that they secure the Information from unauthorised use. The Information may only be disclosed to other third parties in exceptional cases required by laws or regulatory authorities.

Please note that you are given options with respect to whether you agree to the foregoing collection,storage, use and disclosure of the Information by our company, by choosing whether to submit the Information or not. If you submit theInformation to our company, this shall be deemed as your consent and agreement to these policies regarding the collection, storage, use and disclosure of the Information by our company. Although it is not obligatory for you to provide the Information to our company, failure to do so may result in our company being unable to sell our products and/or provide certain services including after sales services to you.

Please note that Eastackle is not and cannot be responsible for collection,disclosure and/or use of your personal Information provided by you to any third party's web site which is linked to or from this Website.Your access to such linked site, and your providing personal Information to such linked web site, are entirely at your own risk.

This declaration is valid where not prohibited by applicable laws.

6. Payment Information

Eastackle accepts Paypal and credit card payments for all online orders through PayPal's s internet payment solution.

7. Amendments to this Policy

We reserve the right to change or delete any part of this policy at our sole and absolute discretion of any time.