The Vanfook PL-51BL is black nickel coated, in-line, barbless, single hook, that has been designed as a heavy wire replacement hook for plugging lures that are used for impoundment/area trout fishing.

Many catch and release luring ponds that stock trout, no longer permit the use of treble hooks. To keep within impoundment pond rules, only single hooks may be used and they must be de-barbed to minimise injury to the fish.

This makes the PL-51BL an ideal replacement hook for trout lures (between 40-90mm in length).

Each hook comes with a closed ringed eye that runs parallel to the plane of the hook, to ensure that the hook is aligned with the orientation of the lure, so as not to impede its action.

To minimise soft tissue damage with such species of fish, Vanfook have designed the hook with a barbless needlepoint to ensure best penetrating power with the least force needed, to minimise injury to the pond fish.

A heavier wire gauge is used for the PL-51BL series (in comparison to the ME-41BL) for added hook strength.

To minimise the chances of the lure being spat, Vanfook have angled the PL-51BL’s hook point slightly inwards to narrow the hook’s gap, making it a highly effective, fish-friendly hook for area trout.


In-line, barbless, single hook


Ideal as a replacement hook for finesse minnow fishing lures for area trout

Wire Type:

High Carbon Steel,

Medium-Heavy Wire Gauge


Stealth black


#10 (smallest)

# 8




#2 (largest)

Hook Length:

#10 ~ 11mm

# 8 ~13mm

#7 ~ 13.5mm

#6 ~ 15mm

#4 ~16mm

#2 ~ 18.5mm

Hook Gap:

#10 ~ 6.15mm

# 8 ~ 6.70mm

#7 ~ 7.15mm

#6 ~ 7.35mm

#4 ~ 8.26mm

#2 ~ 9.08mm


#10 ~ 0.056grams

# 8 ~ 0.075grams

#7 ~ 0.1grams

#6 ~ 0.11grams

#4 ~ 0.14grams

#2 ~ 0.26grams

Wire Gauge:

#10 ~ 0.68mm

# 8 ~ 0.72mm

#7 ~ 0.76mm

#6 ~ 0.81mm

#4 ~ 0.86mm

#2 ~ 1.07mm

Quantity of Hooks Per Pack:

8 hooks

Country of Manufacture: