The Keitech Rubber Jig Model 3 comes in 4 sizes and 6 colours each equipped with a heavy density, banana shaped tungsten compound jig head molded onto a durable custom-made hook, topped with a silicon skirt mounted onto a screw head that wraps around and envelopes around the head of the soft plastic lure, once rigged and secured to the screw head.

The position of the hook’s eye and the shape of the tungsten weight, allows for the jig head to be pulled over branches, rocks and other snags that provides anglers with the opportunity to fish in all sorts of challenging terrain and cover without getting easily snagged.

Each jig head is hand tied with extra fine SR-40 silicone skirts in various fish pleasing colours to give any soft bait or trailer that is paired with the Keitech Rubber Jig Model 3, extremely realistic life-like action making this jig head a deadly weapon in the hands of a competent angler.


Tungsten Weedless Skirted Jig Head


Soft Plastic Bait Hook

Soft Bait Size Recommendation:

4” and above

Quantity Per Pack:



1/8oz (~3.5grams); 

1/4oz (~7.1grams); 

3/8oz (~10.6grams); 

1/2oz (~14.2grams)

Country of Manufacture: