About Fuji’s CONCEPT GUIDE SYSTEM…. did you know that:


More guides INCREASE casting distance? What effects casting distance is not the number of guides (since SiC rings are far more slippery than rod blanks), but the slapping of line against the rod blank on a cast. Having the optimal number of guides will hold the line away from the blank to get around this issue. The end result is better casting distance. 

More guides INCREASE rod sensitivity? Guides act as transmitters. The more of them the better the amplification of any signal being messaged up the line.

More guides INCREASE rod power? Having more guides will ensure that the line follows the actual curvature of a loaded blank and allow the angler to utilise more of the energy and power that is stored in the blank to set a hook and fight fish.

More guides REDUCE line twist? With more guides in a spinning setup, the line angle and resistance arising during line travel from one guide to the next is reduced, diminishing the chances of line twists from pushing forwards and wrapping around the guide frame resulting in a wind knot.

SMALLER rings perform equally as well as larger rings when more of them are used? Smaller guides will just be as effective as larger ones if more of them are used, since more guides will ensure better line control as line is guided through the rod.  The effect of which is to reduce over weight and cost since smaller guides weigh less and cost less than their larger ones.

More guides DECREASE the need for taller frames? Taller frames were used in past to keep the line away from slapping against the blank. However this creates more wind resistance and dramatically increased the chances of wind knots. Having more, smaller, lower profile guides eliminates this problem.

Fuji’s Concept Guide System, as denoted by the symbol above, consists of a combination of unique features that make improvements to their frame design that addresses the issues of weight and strength which is required when using more, smaller and lower profile guides are added to a blank.

No-Weld Construction – All Concept Guides frames are stamped from a single sheet of high grade stainless steel/titanium and formed through a series of 20 shaping molds that put micro-bends into their frame that add tensile strength, rigidity and lightness, whilst reducing braided line tangles as wind knots form around the frame on a cast.

Deep Pressed Design – The frame that houses each Fuji’s SiC ring is pressed to a point that it is able to encapsulate and wrap around and protect the ring. Better still, this design is lighter than previous design housings.

J-Rings – Further weight reduction is achieved with thinner rings that can be accommodated by the Deep Pressed frame housing designs.  Thinner rings also mean that these Concept Guides are able to offer a larger ring opening to ensure better casting performance.