The DESTROYER PHASE 3 series comes with the legendary 6 axis Compression Coreplex blank which brings about ultimate durability and sensitivity. These blanks feature a thin-wall effect which instantly magnifies any vibrations throughout the blank to allow you to fish in even the most challenging and tough conditions.

The rods feature Fuji Concept Titanium Guides which features enhanced resistance to corrosion and also at the same time, reduce the overall weight of the rod. The F2-60X Criffhanger and F3-67X Eiger Northwall also include Megabass' Minimal Guide System which increases the accuracy of your casts in scenarios where pinpoint precision is a necessity. 

You will find that the rods within this series are well balanced and lightweight which will really add to your fishing experience
Model Type Blank Sections Power Length Action Line Rating Lure Wt. Rod Wt Tip Diameter Butt Diameter Handle Length Guides
Megabass - Destroyer Phase 3 - F2-60X - Criffhanger Baitcasting 1 F2 6'0" Fast 6-12lbs 1/8-1/2oz 122g 1.5mm 8.5mm 33cm 10+1
Megabass - Destroyer Phase 3 - F3-67X - Eiger Northwall Baitcasting 1 F3 6'7" Medium Fast 6-14lbs 1/8-1/2oz 119g 1.5mm 8.7mm 34.5cm 11+1
Megabass - Destroyer Phase 3 - F3-68X - The Griffon Baitcasting 1 F3 6'8" Medium Fast 6-14lbs 3/16-5/8oz 121g 1.8mm 9.6mm 37.5cm 8+1
Megabass - Destroyer Phase 3 - F4-62X - Flatbacker Baitcasting 1 F4 6'2" Regular 8-20lbs 1/4-3/4oz 110g 2.0mm 8.8mm 34.5cm 8+1
Megabass - Destroyer Phase 3 - F4-66X - Cyclone Baitcasting 1 F4 6'6" Regular 8-20lbs 1/4-3/4oz 112g 2.0mm 10.6mm 37cm 8+1
Megabass - Destroyer P0hase 3 - F4-610X - Elseil Baitcasting 1 F4 6'10" Fast 8-20lbs 1/4-3/4oz 127g 1.9mm 11.5mm 37cm 8+!
Megabass - Destroyer Phase 3 - F5-611X - Bearingdown Baitcasting 1 F5 6'11" Fast 10-25lbs 3/8-1oz 115g 1.9mm 10.8mm 42cm 8+1
Megabass - Destroyer Phase 3 - F5-70X - Super Bandersnatch Baitcasting 1 F5 7'0" Medium Fast 10-25lbs 3/8-1oz 138g 1.9mm 9.9mm 41cm 8+1
Megabass - Destroyer Phase 3 - F6-67X - G-AX Baitcasting 1 F6 6'7" Fast 12-25lbs 3/8-1.1/2oz 120g 2.0mm 12.4mm 42cm 8+1
Megabass - Destroyer Phase 3 - F6-69X - Super Destroyer Baitcasting 1 F6 6'9" Fast 12-25lbs 1/4-1.1/4oz 121g 1.8mm 11.0mm 40.5cm 8+1