The Megabass Zonk 120 SW is a 12cm, 21gram, sinking, mid-water diving, minnow, fishing lure that is designed for shore-based surf anglers targeting sea bass and flounder that stay close to the sea bed in gutters and gullies that are craved up by the current and wave action close to shore.

To get the lure past the surf and into the gullies, Megabass have incorporated a movable tungsten weight transfer system, that shifts its ballast to its rear to give the Zonk 120 SW its superb casting distance without tumble.

As the lure hits the water, the tungsten weight transfer system rolls forward to begin the Zonk 120 SW’s dive towards the seabed.

The lure is worked best on a steady retrieve to produce the side-to-side rolling action as intended from its design. The rolling action enables the Zonk 120 SW to give off maximum flash as it shows off its flanks, reflecting flickers of light to catch the attention of its prey.

To enhance its attraction to its intended target, particularly in low light conditions, Megabass have included a thin glass fibre lip that produces distinct vibrations as the lure is being retrieved.

In addition, to create a bubble trail in its wake to lead its prey to the lure, Megabass has incorporated a water port into the back of the Zonk 120 SW. As the lure is retrieved, saltwater is forced through the intake of the water port, which has the effect of fractionating saltwater as it is pushed through a small channel, creating a bubble trail as its exits the outlet of the water port.  

In combination, these features have made the Megabass Zonk 120 SW sinking minnow, a highly effective lure that has gained renown amongst sea bass anglers.


Midwater diving, minnow





Dive Depth:



Rolling action






3 x #6 Treble Hooks

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