Introduced in the summer of 2015, the Megabass Arms Super Leggera series of bait casting rods is the top-end successor to the Arms Challenge series.

The Super Leggera keeps to its original design intent, incorporating the best of Megabass’ design elements.

However, to represent an improvement over its predecessor, the Super Leggera, also includes new design features that not only makes this rod series visually pop, but from a technological design perspective, it stands head and shoulders above its competition.

At the heart of each Arms rod is its 4-axis carbon weave handle that has been ergonomically moulded to specifically fit either a left-handed or right-handed angler.

The use of carbon graphite not only contributes to further weight reduction and improved weight distribution, it also increases palm sensitivity to every nibble and knock that is sensed through its tip section.

To add to the aesthetics, is a laser cut honeycomb reel seat locking nut that is knulled for extra grip, that just contributes to the sheer visual sensory overload produced by this rod series.

To top it off, the Supper Leggera uses a 7-axis cross weave blank that gives this rod series its characteristic fast actioned crispness seen in the Megabass - X7 rod series.

Note - The Megabass Super Leggera bait casting series are custom made-to-order with a delivery time of 3 months from time of order. Handle finishing and orientation, blank design motif and tip threading come as optional extras for custom selection and assembly.

All rods sold below come fully spec-ed.