We accept PayPal and credit card payments for purchases made through our website.

For phone order and walk in store purchases made in Singapore, we accept, cash, NETS, credit card and domestic interbank transfers.

Shipping cost is based on the cumulative weight of the items in your Order and your choice of shipper.

You can get an estimate of your shipping cost on any individual item from the respective Product page. Before you checkout, you can also obtain the shipping cost estimate in the Cart page, of all the items your have selected before proceeding to make payment.

For international Orders, shipping cost charged at check out does not include your country's domestic taxes and any related charges. You unfortunately will need to bear this cost at time of import (rendering unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's).

All shipping options we offer come with a tracking number.

You will receive an email from us notifying you that your Order has been shipped and that you can locate the Shipper's tracking number under your Order/Billing History when you log into your account.

You will only be able to track your Order directly from your Order/Billing History or from the respective Shipper's website. 

Please note that the tracking number issued by Singapore Post for their Small Package Service - NON-INSURED (International) service will not work in most destination country's domestic postal tracking systems.

For reasons of security and best practices, we do not disclose your tracking number in our Shipped email notification to you.

The average estimated transit times of your Order from the time of shipment, are as follows:

Within Singapore:

(a) 1 Working Day for the Courier Delivery - Priority Service / Central Business District - NON-INSURED (Local) shipping option;

(b) 2 Working Days for the Courier Delivery - Standard Service  - NON-INSURED (Local) shipping option; and

(c) 3-5 Working Days for the Singapore Post - Small Package Service - NON-INSURED (Local) shipping option;

Outside of Singapore (International):

(a)  6 to 8 Working Days for the Expedited International Courier Service (Small Package and Fishing Rod Delivery) - INSURED shipping option;

(b) 10-18 Working Days for the Singapore Post - Small Package Service - NON-INSURED (International) shipping option (excluding Latin America which can take up to 30 Working Days).


  • A Working Day is represented as any day between Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
  • Packages are shipped after receiving cleared payment (i.e. payment is received from you into our account).
  • Packages that are shipped for free by us, are sent as uninsured registered mail to you via Singapore Post.

For international Orders shipped by courier (e.g. FedEx/UPS/DHL etc), please contact them directly as they are likely to be holding your package to collect payment for custom duties and related charges.

For Orders shipped by Singapore Post:

Within Singapore:

(a) Please first check your letter box as Singapore Post delivers registered packages to the letter box and not to the door, unless it is shipped by their Speed Post service for larger packages that cannot fit into the letter box.

(b) If your package is not in your letter box, please contact Singapore Post on 1605 to trace your package.

Outside of Singapore (International): 

(a) Please note that the Singapore Post - Small Package Service shipping option is a low cost service intended to keep shipping affordable. It does not come with all the bells and whistles that courier services offer. Accordingly, as indicated to you at check out, the Singapore Post - Small Package Service is NON-INSURED and only offers a semi-trackable service. This service only indicates when the Order package has:

  • Been received by them from us; 
  • Been shipped out of Singapore by them;
  • Arrived in your country's postal sorting center; and 
  • Been delivered to your address.

As indicated above, the tracking number will not work in most destination countries' domestic postal tracking systems other than at Singapore Post's website (www.singpost.com) and from your Order/Billing History.

(b) If you have yet to receive your package after the estimated transit time (and you have not received a unsuccessful delivery attempt note left in your letter box or at your door), please go to / contact your local post office that services your vicinity to determine if your package is being retained by them after a failed delivery attempt or for custom duties payment. 

(If you live in an apartment block with a concierge service, please check with them first if they may have your package).

(c) If your local post office does not have your package, please email us at [email protected] and we will contact Singapore Post to trace your package.

For Singapore Post, please note that we are only permitted to contact them to raise an enquiry after 18 Working Days from the time of shipment.  The tracking of a package can take up to 2-3 months as Singapore Post will need to work with their postal service counterparts in your country to trace your package.

As much as we endeavour to ensure that you receive your Order, the painful truth is that packages unfortunately do get lost in transit, though the frequency of such occurrence is thankfully low (less than 0.1%).

In such an instance, a package will be declared lost by the Shipper if this is the conclusion of their investigations. Please note, that neither you nor us can unilaterally/collectively declare that an Order package is lost. That decision solely lies with the Shipper.

We will assist on your behalf in making a claim against the Shipper, that is limited by the insured amount (in the instance that you have selected a shipping method that includes insurance coverage) or the nominal amount as offered by the Shipper for the Singapore Post - Small Package Service - NON-INSURED (International) shipping option.

Important:  Please note, as we are not the owners or operators of the Shipper that you select, our liability to you passes to the Shipper, once we have notified you that your package has been handed over to the Shipper as confirmed by a verifiable tracking number that is issued by the Shipper.

If you are considering to use or have opted to use the Singapore Post - Small Package Service - NON-INSURED (International) shipping option (or in the case that the package is sent to you for free using this service), you may not be able to recover anything other than the nominal amount (of no more than SGD60) that may be accorded to you if the Shipper declares that the Order package has been lost.

If you cannot accept this risk particularly if the value of your package is high, please opt for the Expedited International Courier Service (Small Package and Fishing Rod Delivery) - INSURED shipping option.

Yes we do accept returns in accordance with Clause 6 of our website Terms and Conditions of Sale.

In essence, if we stuff it up and send you the wrong item, then we will be responsible for paying for the return shipment of the unused item in its original packaging and (i) refunding you the amount for the correct item you did not receive (if we no longer have it in stock) or (ii) sending you at no cost the correct item.

If however you selected the wrong item and wish to return the Order, we will only accept the return if the returned item has not been used and is returned in their original unopened / undamaged packaging and returned in the same protective packaging as sent to you via a trackable shipping method. 

Please note that you will be solely responsible for the shipping cost for this return. 

On receipt of the package and after inspecting that the items returned are unused and undamaged in their original packaging, we will refund by PayPal the amount paid less the transaction fees and forex difference that will be charged by PayPal for the refund.