The An Lure Maddox Pitbull, is an oval, asymmetrically shaped, 5.4cm (body size), 42gram, sinking, propeller, frog bait, fishing lure that is designed for topwater action.

The lure comes equipped with a large oversized, stainless steel propeller mounted on a through wire shaft, that extends in front of the lure and positioned in such a way that its blades make contact with a fixed knocker to produce a loud lower pitch, audible, clicking sound as the lure is being retrieved.

The body of the Maddox Pitbull is CNCed from renewable devil tree wood, and is design with a round flattish base to create maximum splash as it hits the water, to produce a smooth wake as it is being retrieved.

To add to the sound track, An Lure have included a single bearing internal rattler aligned longitudinally to produce a sharper, high pitch sound, as the lure is being ripped and twitched.

For a secure hook up, a super strong, #3/0 double hook is used with the Maddox Pitbull to ensure solid hook setting power. To prevent snagging to surface weed, An Lure has dressed the hook with a bright multi-coloured silicon skirt and equipped the lure with a double wire weed guard.

In combination, these features make the An Lure Maddox Pitbull a super effective surface lure for snakehead action.


Topwater Propeller Frog Bait Fishing Lure





Dive Depth:



Loud surface commotion


5.4cm (total length - 18.5cm)




1 x #3/0 treble hook

Country of Manufacture: