New Zealand's leading rod design company.

    The CTS manufacturing facility is located in one of the world's greatest and most beautiful fishing cities - Auckland, New Zealand.

    Since 1999, CTS has strived constantly to develop new manufacturing techniques, materials and tooling profiles. They invest heavily in their design and production tools, with much of their in-house machinery being custom-built in order to cater for the ever-increasing demand for stronger, lighter and more highly refined blanks.

    Every CTS blank has a number of unique engineering features that you can read about in the Technology section. It is these features, developed over many years that make them stand out from the crowd. Designs are all computer generated and all feedback from one design is used to improve the next. Each year, most CTS blanks will undergo around 3 to 5 design improvements.

    Their focus is 100 percent on building the best blanks they can for their customers. CTS work with custom rod builders to provide them with exactly the blanks they need to make their business a stand out. Production runs can be as small as one blank.

    CTS is proud to offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

    For more information about this dynamic rod blank building company, visit CTS’ website at