The Megabass - XPod is a round bodied, large profiled, 108.5mm, 21.26gram (3/4oz), floating hyrbid pencil bait fishing lure that is designed for topwater action.

The lure comes with a unique, bib, mounted on a ratchet system, with 7 distinct positions.

Depending on the position selected, this design feature transforms the XPod from a rolling pencil bait, to a dog-walking popper for targeting specific areas, to a sliding pencil popper for targeting wide areas, and a splash head to lure in prey through sound and splashing.

The XPod is equipped with two rear moving balancer systems, each comprising of a single tungsten bearing. One balancer system is located in a chamber that allows for lateral side-to-side movement. The other is located in a tail chamber that runs length  wise and allows for front-rear movement. 

In unison, both moving balancer systerms assentuate the rolling action of the lure, but also acts as a rattler to give the lure its own unique sound track.

The ability to transform itself, makes the XPod special in its own right as it is able to present the angler with a tool that can be applied to meet various fishing conditions. 


Topwater Hybrid Pencil Bait Fishing Lure





Dive Depth:



10.8cm (4.25in)


21.26gram (3/4oz)


Rolling, dog-walking, splashing action


2 x #4 treble hooks

Country of Manufacture: