The Vanfook - Predator Treble DT-58 is an ideal replacement for stock standard treble hooks that come with off-the-shelf Japanese domestic lures, which are often softer and more forgiving (to be retrieved) when snagged.

However, in South East Asia, stock standard hooks cannot stand up to the rigueur of domestic species that are able to pull hooks straight with ease.

Vanfook have produced the DT-58 as an export model to meet these demands.

With tempered steel wire rated as 2X and finished with a super sharp hook point, the DT-58 treble hook is light enough not to distort the original action of the lure, whilst being able to take on aggressive predator species such as our domestic snake head and peacock bass.


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Replacement treble hooks

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6 (#2), 6 (#3), 7 (#4), 7 (#6), 7 (#7), 8 (#8)

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