The Megabass Vibration-X (Rattle In) is a compact profiled, 75.5mm, 21grams (3/4oz), sinking, vibration, lipless crankbait, fishing lure that is designed for deep diving search bait action.

The lure is designed with a broad and pronounced flat forehead that ensures that the Vibration-X (Rattle In) will catch water and produce an intense hi-pitch vibration as it is being retrieved.

The vibrations are further intensified by (i) the hard chine edges of the head area, (ii) the slightly off-center position of the tow lug at the top dorsal section of the lure and (iii) the use of a smaller tail treble hook (#6) (the belly hook is a #4 teble hook) which increases the tail wagging action of the lure.

To enhance its appeal, the Vibration-X (Rattle In), comes equipped with internal rattlers that emit a high pitch rattle that is guaranteed to attract the attention and induce a reaction strike from its intended target.

To prevent snagging on weed, Megabass have introduced a slightly concave slope to the head design to increase the angle of dive whilst allowing the #4 belly treble hook to be tucked behind the wide body to reduce the chances of snagging.

The Vibration-X (Rattle In) is kept on a even keel, by locating the fixed weight tungsten balancers at the lowest point in its belly. This design feature, not only ensure that the center of gravity is kept at its lowest, but it also ensures that the lure is able to track straight.

These 2 features, in culmination, make the Megabass Vibration-X an excellent search bait to cover a wide area of fishing terrains.


Vibration Lipless Crankbait


Freshwater / Saltwater



Dive Depth:





21grams (3/4oz)


Intense vibration, hi-pitch rattling commotion


1 x #4 belly treble hook. 1 x #6 tail treble hook

Country of Manufacture: