The Megabass Prop Darter 80 is a floating, top water, swisher minnow that is designed to create surface commotion whilst leaving a bubble trail in its wake.

Inspired by the Megabass X-80 Tricker Darter, the molds for the Prop Darter were completely retooled to allow the lure to increase surface agitation and overall performance as a top water plug. It has been transformed into a large-bodied lure that anyone can use to create an intricate boil action with even the simplest retrieve.

A key feature of the Prop Darter 80, is its Chopper Prop.

By meticulously off-setting the balance of the propeller and fine tuning the blade angles, Megabass have created a prop that creates irregular, life-like bio-sounds.

Each prop is diligently manufactured through a high precision molding process, and spins with smooth irregularity.

When jerked during straight retrieves, with long, sweeping pulls, with the rod tip down, or when varying retrieval speed, it will create realistic splashing sounds just like that of a bait boiling at the surface.


Surface Action Swisher Minnow






Swishing, slashing, twisting, dog-walk action

Dive Depth:

0m (top water)




7.08gram (1/4oz)


2 x #6 treble hooks

Country of Manufacture:

Made in Japan