Zero Tolerance for Online Fraud

Our anti-fraud policy is simple – we will not tolerate our Website being used as a channel for processing fraudulent and/or unauthorised credit card transactions.

In this respect, we have taken a conservative approach to protecting both the interests of the legitimate cardholder and ourselves against unnecessary loss and charge backs by adopting Visa’s and MasterCard’s recommendations to mitigating against card-not-present credit card fraud.

Should we suspect that a particular transaction may be unauthorised or fraudulent, we will not authorise our payment gateway providers to process the transaction. We rather lose a sale than to lose your trust in shopping with us.

In such instances, the credit card account for that transaction will not be debited.

Request for Customer Information

As part of the security measures that we have adopted against credit card fraud, we will need to request for additional information to verify whether a particular card transaction has been authorised.

All information that is provided to us shall only be used in accordance with our Website’s Privacy Policy.

For further details regarding the type of information that we will request from you, please read this entire Paragraph 10 in conjunction with Clauses 2 and 3 of the Terms and Condition of Sale.