The Vanfook PR-55 is a heavy wire gauge, PTFE coated, in-line, barbed, single hook that has been designed as a high strength replacement hook for plugging lures that are used for fishing for snakehead, pike and barramundi.

What makes the design of the PR-55 particularly effective against bony jawed species, is the sharpness of the hook point and the length of the hook’s bite (in relation to this length), which gives it sufficient throat to penetrate through tissue and bone for a deep set.

An inward bent point and gradual J bend encourages the hook point into a quick automatic set as opposing forces are applied by fish and angler.

To aid in the setting process, Vanfook have designed the PR-55 with a wide gap that gives sufficient space between the hook’s point and its shank to reduce any impediment to the exit of the hook though the fish’s jaw.

A short shank gives this hook its strength to reduce the chances of deformation as it counters the strength of these fish.

To ensure that the action of the lure is not diminished, each hook comes with a closed ringed eye that runs parallel to the plane of the hook, which acts to align the hook with the orientation of the lure with a single split ring connection.

The PR-55 comes with a small barb, to prevent fish from spitting the hook whilst at the same time minimising tissue damage once the hook is removed from the fish.

To top it off, the hook is coated with PTFE, that not only acts as a rust inhibitor making it good for saltwater use, but it is also incredibly slippery to the feel, which will ensure that the PR-55 will penetrate with the least amount of resistance.

In unison, these features make the Vanfook PR-55 incredibly effective as an in-line luring hook against such predatory species of fish.


In-line, barbed, single hook for luring


Heavy wire replacement hook for bony jawed fish

Wire Type:

High Carbon Steel,

Heavy Wire Gauge


PTFE coated gun metal colour


#4 (smallest)






#4/0 (largest)

Hook Length:

#4 ~ 16mm

#2 ~ 18mm

#1 ~ 20.5mm

#1/0 ~ 21.5mm

#2/0 ~ 24.5mm

#3/0 ~ 27.5mm

#4/0 ~ 30.5mm

Hook Gap:

#4 ~ 7.3mm

#2 ~ 8.9mm

#1 ~ 10.1mm

#1/0 ~ 10.8mm

#2/0 ~ 12.35mm

#3/0 ~ 12.55mm

#4/0 ~ 14mm


#4 ~ 0.12grams

#2 ~ 0.18grams

#1 ~ 0.24grams

#1/0 ~ 0.4grams

#2/0 ~ 0.53grams

#3/0 ~ 0.65grams

#4/0 ~ 0.83grams

Wire Gauge:

#4 ~ 0.75mm

#2 ~ 0.85mm

#1 ~ 0.95mm

#1/0 ~ 1.15mm

#2/0 ~ 1.25mm

#3/0 ~ 1.35mm

#4/0 ~ 1.5mm

Quantity of Hooks Per Pack:

#4 - 5

#2 - 5

#1 - 5

#1/0 - 4

#2/0 - 4

#3/0 - 4

#4/0 - 3

Country of Manufacture: