The Megabass Noisy Cat is a large profile, 72mm, 1/2oz (14gram) top-water, floating, “jitter-bug” type of surface lure that is packed with features for night operations in the dead of the night.

The Noisy Cat is equipped with an oversized, cupped shaped bib that is positioned at a reverse 60 degree angle to make the lure wobble sharply to create maximum water agitation as the lure is retrieved.

To add to this agitation, the cupped shaped bib is constructed with a water intake system that forces water through its face, creating a gurgling sound as the water exists the cheeks of the Noisy Cat lure, leaving a bubble trail as it being retrieved.

To ensure maximum free play, Megabass have opted to use a barrel swivel as a lug point so as not to impede the violent jittery action that is produced by this lure.

In addition, to magnify it presence, the Megabass Noisy Cat comes with numerous internal rattlers that give off a hi-pitch sound as it violently wobbles from side to side.

Lastly, as this lure is intended for night ops, a 2.9mm diameter channel has been created in the back of the Noisy Cat to hold a glow / light stick to locate the lure in pitch darkness.

To minimise snagging, a double hook is used as a tail hook, whilst at the same time to maximise presentation, a Colorado blade polished to a mirror surface, is attached by a ball bearing swivel to the belly lug to reflect whatever incandescent / moon light to enhance the changes of a hook up.

Depending on the moon’s illumination, Megabass have provided a wide variety of colour options that have a luminous glow for use in pitch darkness or dark solid colours to create maximum silhouette presence on nights with a full moon.

With so many in-built features, the Megabass Noisy Cat is a must have when all else fails.


Top water jitter bug lure


Fresh water




Violent jittery wobble action

Dive Depth:





1/2oz (14grams)


1 x double hook


Included to produce a hi-pitch rattle

Country of Manufacture: