Daiwa - I'ZE Factory - SV105 - Spare Spool

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The Daiwa I’ZE Factory SV105 spool has been designed as a tuned up part to give the angler finer magnetic braking control when casting out and presenting finesse-type rigs.

With a light weight magnetic inductor system, finer brake control can be induced at lower spool RPMs - which in turn translates into better casting control and, and the lower likelihood of bird-nesting - ensuring, as the name suggests, Stress-free Versatile (in short “SV”) application.

The Daiwa I’ZE Factory SV105 spool is designed to replace existing spools that come as stock standard with the Megabass IS reel series and versions of the Daiwa Steez series that have yet to have been upgraded with the SV105 spool.

Line Capacity (fluorocarbon):

12lbs - 40~80m

14lbs - 35~70m


12 grams

Country of Manufacture: