Megabass - Genma 110S - 29g - FRENCH PEARL (SP-C) - Sinking Pencil Bait

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The Megabass Genma 110S is a 11cm sinking pencil bait that comes in 29g that can be made to dart erratically like a fleeing bait fish with each twitch of the rod tip on a continuous retrieve pattern.

When retrieving is paused, the Genma 110S will flutter horizontally with reflected light flickering off its flanks, as it sinks down the water column, which more often than not, will elicit a strike from its intended prey. 

Both models are ideal for fishing in tidal systems where the extra weight will give the lure that extra casting distance to get over gullies and sand bars and the stability to be worked through cross currents in search of its target species.

The most distinctive feature of the Genma 110S is the vertical swimming plate on the front of the head section, that produces:

1. Superb action on start-up.

2. Stable swimming performance.

3. Intuitive controllability and optimal swimming resistance.

Another key feature for the Genma 110S is the patented moving balancer that ensures long-distance castability. Two weight options are available, depending on the desired usage and range.

The 29g is a model with excellent flight distance, grounding sensitivity, and range controllability that is excellent for flat fish.


Pencil Bait


Brackish Water / Saltwater





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2 x #4 Treble Hooks

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