The VMC 7150XJ Barbarian X Jighead is constructed using a tin coated, hi-carbon steel, super tough, ring eyed, needle sharp, barbed fishing hook, molded within a bullet shaped, lead weighted head.

Available in #2 (2.5grams, 3.5grams, 4.5grams) and #3/0 (7grams and 10grams), the VMC 7150XJ Barbarian X Jighead is ideal for rigging both finesse (1.5"-2")and large (~4”-5”) soft plastic baits for both fresh and saltwater applications.

What makes this jighead unique is the shape of its hook, which has a technical locking curve (“TLC”) designed into its bend to increase its resistance to opening. The TLC places the front length and hook tip further forward from a conventional round bend jighead hook, to give the VMC 7150XJ Barbarian X Jighead better hook locking power to a soft plastic lure.

For added holding strength, VMC have included a molded ribbed hook shank for its #3/0 jigheads to produce more holding power to prevent dislodgement of the soft plastic lure, which can also double up to be used for rigging a silicon skirt to improve presentability of the jighead rig.

Each packet of VMC 7150XJ Barbarian X Jighead, comes with 5 jigheads.