First Published: 27 Jul 2016

About Me

Hi my name is Andrew. I own Eastackle.

I started this business in 2004, out of a joint-passion for offshore fishing that my wife, Suan, and I share. But, also out of necessity. 

I wanted to create something that I could find meaning in, which could generate an alternative source of income in the hope of weathering life’s uncertainties, prevalent then and now.

It has been 12 years since we launched our first website for our online tackle shop that I operated out of our apartment. The business long outgrew its premises and with the wife presenting a veiled ultimatum (the business move out or she would move out as she jokingly put it), we reluctantly relocated in June of 2015, to our present location.

However, that all said, the passion for angling that ignited it all, perhaps germinated way back when I was 5 with my first memories of my parents trolling for mackerel off the back of their boat, and when I caught my first bonito at the age of 8.

With many ocean crossings since then and countless memories of fish caught on different passages, it is perhaps only natural to conclude that with life’s meanderings, Eastackle has been God’s calling for me.

About My Team

I am blessed with incredible staff that love fishing and share my passion for Eastackle.

Mandy, is my left hand woman (literally). She has been with the business since 2014 and manages every aspect of it, and very likely, knows it better than me. Without her, the growth we have experienced since her joining would not have been possible, and I mean that. She is par excellent.

Rayner is our field angler, fishing addict, and social media extraordinaire.  I personally do not know any one of his age who is so passionate about angling and being so clued in, into trying to find value for the business since joining in late 2014. If there were 25 hours in a day, and no school, he would be out fishing, testing lures and getting catch reports for his daily Facebook reports to promote our products.

And of course, Pong Pong (mother), Socks (son) and Tortie (daughter), the office's 3 adopted moggies. By all counts, they are considered staff. Besides greeting and keeping our customers’ spouses, kids or girlfriends entertained whilst their other halves browse our products, they are great stress relievers and provide us with much comic relief.

About Eastackle

When I first got the business going in 2004, GT popping and jigging was the focus with extended offshore expeditions in mind. Suan and I used much of the gear we sold and loved every trip we went together on and over the years she has had to run the business whilst I strived with developing a corporate career.

Fast forward 10 years, and much has changed. I chose to leave the corporate world, the eyesight is almost gone and the back is mostly shot.... making light game and day trips a lot more appealing, affordable and accessible to us.

.... and so with time, the shop and its product offering have had to evolve too (as we like using what we sell).

The business today focuses mainly on JDM lures for freshwater and inshore light game. Most of our products that cater for this market, are on our website.

If you are in the vicinity, do drop in and visit us. Until then, happy browsing of our products on our website.