YGK - Galis FC Absorber

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Flurocarbon Leader


Super low visibility leader for lure casting

Key Features:

Low visibility – a key characteristic of fluorocarbon is that it is almost invisible underwater and that it is guaranteed to help improve strike rates.

Great knotting properties – will not form kinks for fast and precise knotting;

Hard wearing and sensitive - Excellent abrasion resistance and outstanding sensitivity;

Faster sinking – great for wanting to bring a lure down faster.


60m (for 20lbs – 70lbs spools);

50m (for 100lbs and 130lbs spools)

Specific Gravity***:

1.78 (i.e. will sink in water)


Natural clear colour

Line Test:

20lbs (~9.0kg)

25lbs (~11.3kg)

30lbs (~13.6kg)

35lbs (~15.9kg)

40lbs (~18.1kg)

50lbs (~22.7kg)

60lbs (~27.2kg)

70lbs (~31.8kg)

100lbs (~45.4kg)

130lbs (~59.0kg)

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*** Specific gravity is the ratio of density of a substance compared to the density of fresh water at 4°C (39° F). At this temperature the density of water is at its greatest value and equal 1 g/mL. Since specific gravity is a ratio, so it has no units. An object will float in water if its density is less than the density of water and sink if its density is greater that that of water. Similarly, an object with specific gravity less than 1 will float and those with a specific gravity greater than one will sink. For more information on specific gravity – click here.